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WONDER planet ♪
7th-Dec-2008 02:59 pm - [001] An Alice Nine Christmas
It's finally the Christmas season, one a lot of us have been waiting for! Let's celebrate with a batch of Christmas stock icons. And as you'll see, it's really an Alice Nine Christmas after all. ♥~~

If you use any of these stock icons, a link credit is not required. However, I -would- like to see the finished product, so drop me the link in a comment! ^-^

[20] Christmas [Stock]
[20] Alice Nine Christmas [Stock]
++ [04] Shou
++ [03] Saga
++ [02] Hiroto
++ [01] Tora
++ [06] Nao
++ [04] Group
[40] Total~


christmas pie looks even tastier when you're wearing it.Collapse )
8th-Nov-2008 02:45 am - Become an Affiliate
Becoming an affiliate with WONDER planet is extremely simple! Just leave the name of your iconing community or journal, along with the web URL, in a comment on this entry, and I will reply as soon as I get the chance to add your site to the list. :]
8th-Nov-2008 01:44 am - Resources
Links to the sites from which we've downloaded images, brushes, textures, or other things. If you believe we have used something of yours and have not linked you, or if you find a broken link, feel free to comment on this post. ♥~

click here for resourcesCollapse )